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Neon Backdrops

Add that neon glow with our vast collection.

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What We Do

Evoking 80s retro vibes with a luxe modern twist, our neon signs bring a fresh and edgy touch to your Event decor and are very Instagramable!

Neon signs look epic wherever you place them. They are a dazzling addition to your decor that your guests will love and we have a fab range for you to choose from! You can position almost anywhere around your Venue and your Wedding photographer or videographer will love them as much as you do.

What a way to add that extra WOW to your special day or Event.


  • Gold Mesh Hoop
  • White Mesh Hoop
  • Teak Hexagon
  • Black Mesh Frame
  • Gold Mesh Frame
  • Copper Frame

Simply choose your frame & choose your sign.

Neon Sign Options


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